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    With M&A activity, rapid growth and several global teams and departments, today’s organizations are faced with an unprecedented challenge of communicating across their business ecosystem, across information silos, geographies and time zones. The business world is undergoing a dramatic transformation as organizations embrace new ways of communicating and engaging their audiences. Silos are being demolished; employees are finding new ways to collaborate, and communications across all levels of companies are becoming genuinely and irreversibly bi-directional.

    Organizations that embrace digital communication and keep pace with this evolution will thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace. The next generation workforce not only wants this from their employers—they expect it. As corporate transparency becomes the new norm, your workforce must become proficient in this digital space, understanding how to serve as effective ambassadors for your brand and collaborate not just internally, but also engage with developers, partners and customers.

    This session will provide:

    • An overview of the transformation of a Fortune 200 brand from a 1.0 to a 2.0 culture
    • Challenges and lessons learned during the continuing journey
    • Thoughts on how to encourage participation, even from those less comfortable with social tools
    • Real world examples of impact to the brand


    Len Devanna



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