Version 7

    ATTENTION: This plugin will not be updated to be compatible with versions 5.0 and up. If you're using version 5.0 or higher, you'll need / want to install Jive's new Community Manager Reports Plugin



    This free plugin extends the Jive Admin Console and out of the box reporting. It provides a simple, self-service way for Community Managers and Business Owners to access data about what's happening in Jive. With this plugin, the data underling the graphs in the Dashboard is available for download from the Admin Console as a .csv file for analysis in 3rd-party tools like Microsoft Excel.

    Supported Releases

    The Admin Console Reporting Plugin supports Jive 4.0.12 and above and 4.5.0 and above. Subsequent versions could be updated to reflect the changes made to the datamart in 4.5.


    How It Works

    The Admin Console Dashboard shows basic information about what's happening in Jive. With the addition of the Admin Console Reporting Plugin, you will links to download the data underlying these graphs. The linked data extracts reflect the detail behind the Dashboard, based on the data range selected.




    You can find documentation for this plugin here, under the "'Exporting Analytics Data" section.


    Like most Jive plugins, you can install this plugin through the Admin console. Open the admin console and navigate to System > Plugins, then click Add Plugin and browse for your plugin JAR file.