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    This topic includes links to other information about technologies related to themes.


    Related Technologies

    HTML and CSS Resources



    Web sites/articles


    Blogs about web standards, CSS bleeding-edge techniques, and accessibility.

    Developer Tools

    Firefox Extensions:

    • Firebug (note different versions for FF 2 and 3).
    • Web Developer was the Firebug before there was a Firebug, it still does some things Firebug can't.
    • View Source Chart is a great tool to quickly visualize rendered structure of page. Great for comparing two pages that rendering consistently.


    IE Developer Toolbar:

    • Developer Toolbar is nowhere near as nice as Firebug, but take what you can get. Works for IE6 or IE7 but will not work properly on stand-alone versions of the browser.
    • Validators. Many of these are built in to Web Developer (see FF extensions) that make it easier to validate local code.