Version 12

    This applies to: 2.5.x to 4.5.x and some of 2.0.x, 1.10.x


    High-Level Summary: It's possible to remove certain features or content from Clearspace using just system properties.


    You can't have too much of a good thing -- usually. Administrators transitioning from Forums to Clearspace or just want to slowly introduce features to their users can make use of these handy-dandy system properties:


    Content/Feature TypeSystem Property
    Value (to remove it)
    Video (3.0.x and above)
    Projects (2.0.x and 2.5.x and above)jive.feature.projects.disabledtrue
    Social Groups (2.5.x and above)jive.feature.groups.disabledtrue
    External Bookmarks (3.0.x and above)favoriting.external.enabledfalse
    Bookmarks (3.0.x and above)favoriting.enabledfalse (affects all bookmarks)
    User Registration Wizard (4.0.x and 4.5.x)user.wizard.enabledfalse
    Email Digests (4.0.x and 4.5.x)jive.digest.enabled


    Private Discussions (4.0.x and 4.5.x)jive.usercontainer.thread.enabledfalse
    Private Documents (4.0.x and 4.5.x)jive.usercontainer.document.enabledfalse
    Polls (4.5.x only)polls.enabledfalse
    Microblogging (4.5.x only)UserStatusManager.enabledfalse


    So if I just wasn't feeling groups and I didn't want any social butterflies under my watch, I'd add this system property in the Admin Console (System -> Management -> System Properties):