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    I'm starting this document and hoping that customers will add any videos to it that they've placed in the public domain.  It's always interesting to see how the different aspects and value of a community, internal or external, is highlighted.


    Toshiba (Sales-Centric use case)

    Toshiba's community recently won a prestigious award within their industry which included a great summary of the value they've seen from the community itself.  To check it out go here - Toshiba BERTL Award for Jive SBS.  In addition, they made a great intro video for their sales agents.

    Toshiba eXCHANGE Promotional Video from Hero Theater Presentation


    Life Technologies (Internal)

    This video was done as part of their internal launch and does a great job of explaining the value that the entire organization will realize with Jive.

    Cerner (External and Internal)

    This is a great video and helps showcase the uCern community that is both internal and external.  The focus of the videos on 4 key areas is great:

    1. Connect
    2. Innovate
    3. Learn
    4. Share


    And on another thread in the Jive Community, Cerner just provided another video example that they created - to see it go A great customer example of social business software driving business imperatives.

    EMC (External and Internal)

    EMC has several videos on their community, below is an intro (focusing on connecting, collaborating, and accelerating business) to their external community.  I've seen one focused on an intro to Jive for their employee use but don't think that's been posted publicly before.  The other video is a great 'Birthday wishes' to their internal community - EMC ONE



    Johnson Controls (Customer and prospect-facing community)

    Shannon Quinn, VP of Strategic Marketing, talks about their use of Jive in this business-to-business community.  It proves that any company in any industry can leverage Jive in the new world of Marketing.



    UBM (Internal)

    Ted Hopton wrote a great blog post - The specified item was not found. and reviewed 2 videos they put together.  Below is an amazing end product though on their upgrade to 4.5 internal launch


    Premier Farnell (External)

    This is a great overview of Premier Farnell's Element14 Community focused on Design Engineers


    SAP (Ideation)

    Just a quick overview of SAP's use of ideation.


    MetaSwitch (External Innovators Community)

    MetaSwitch began their Jive partnership with an Innovators community, which is the focus of the video below.  Since then they've implemented Jive  for a broad array of communities - support, partner, and marketing professional communities.  With their support community they've made Jive their new 2.0 knowledge base.