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    Company Name and/or Industry
    Who are you?
    Oct 201030%15 - 20%ManufacturingBrad.Fitzgerald
    Oct 201015%TechnologyKevin Crossman
    Oct 201010%TechnologyCFediuk
    Oct 201083,92239,31945.7%17.2%Health CareJJSchultz
    Oct 201077,00035,00015%7%Technologyjemjanik
    Oct 201045045060%15%TechnologyAlan Waldron
    Oct 20108,12928,81255.8%18.8%Healthcare ITSara Coe
    Oct 2010600 (approx)54033%7%TechnologyTrisha Liu
    Mar 2011600 (approx)55361%32%TechnologyTrisha Liu
    Jun 20116,000 -going live July 201172512%2%ManufacturingDamon Isaacs
    Feb 2011100093182%32%TelecommunicationFrank Gebhardt
    Apr 2011100095784%35%TelecommunicationFrank Gebhardt
    May 2011~37835190%60%Marketing ServicesBecky Pearce
    May 201134,08034,080 (registered)64%TBCEducation and TechnologyKim England
    May 2011 (launch month)~61636293%43%Advertising (Internal)Erin Haines
    June 2011~63056896%60%Advertising (Internal)Erin Haines
    June 2011to come37080%37%Marketing ServicesBecky Pearce
    April 201220,000370029%12%InsuranceChris Hall
    March 20123,8002,90042%20%TechnologyGino Rossi
    April 20125,000


    61%25%TechnologyDonna Garber
    April 20126,107 (includes licensees)4,54655%11%Market Research

    Bill Chamberlain

    Aug 201265,53530,38459% (18K)<1% (1.2K)TransportationMike Pallia
    Nov 201263,38835,42462% (22K)<1% (1.3K)TransportationMike Pallia