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    NOTE: Version 1.5 is only supported if you're using a version of Jive older than  If you use a newer version, see

                    No bug fixes will be made to this version of Jive Connects.  To get bug fixes, you must upgrade your core version to 4.5.6 and use version 1.6 of Jive Connects.




    Jive Connects for Microsoft Office is a commercial solution for Jive. An additional commercial add-on license is required to use the module. In order to take advantage of this solution, please contact your Jive sales representative.


    Jive Connects for Microsoft Office brings social business capabilities of Jive directly into Microsoft Office applications. With Jive for Office, Office documents can be easily accessed from and saved to Jive—where they can be shared with other users for editing (including simultaneous co-editing) and commenting.



    Jive Connects for Microsoft Office makes it simple to

    • Drive collaboration and transparency by easily publishing Office content created on users' desktops into Jive.
    • Unlock siloed content by making it easy to find the best files created by others, right from  inside Office by browsing, searching, and seeing related files.
    • Improve team productivity by  eliminating time-consuming review cycles and multiple rounds of  feedback by allowing multiple authors and contributors to make comments  and changes on a document simultaneously from either their desktop or  their browsers.
    • Eliminate confusion by  maintaining a single synchronized version of a document to ensure that  everyone is working from the same content—even when multiple authors are  making edits to the content in parallel.
    • Speed review processes by attaching a unique URL to all documents when they are saved. This  means the document can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users with  appropriate access—eliminating the need to integrate the multiple  generations of comments spawned by email.
    • Speed adoption of social business software by enabling users to engage with the Jive environment with familiar Microsoft Office tools.


    You can check out a quick demo of Jive for Office here.



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    Version Information

    Jive Connects for Microsoft Office supports Jive 4.0.8 + and 4.5.2 +. On the Microsoft side, we support Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (Windows only) from Office 2003, 2007, and 2010.


    12.14.2010 - Updated Plugin Downloads - Retained Versioning (1.0.0 & 1.5.0) Scott W.

    - JIRA #345 - Short version download link

    - JIRA #346 - Install issue with 2007 sp2 already installed