Release Notes - 1.0.2

Version 6


    This release focused heavily on Social Groups, because this is where (at least in my organization) we are seeing the most adoption...and in my THE life blood of our participation.  As such, I hope everyone will find these features beneficial, and please share your feedback.


    New Features

    The following a bit more detail on the new features added in this verson of the plugin.


    Admin > Social Groups > Social Group Permission Sync

    This feature was brought about by a discussion with William Mintun at JiveWorld10.  The idea is that the Social Group structure has a great way for organically adding people into a Group.  If you could mirror this Social Group membership in a Permission Group, then permissions could be set against that group of people for use in a Space or custom Permissioned operation.  See the in-context documentation for some basic instructions.


    Admin > Social Groups > Auto Private Group Approver

    This feature came about by owners of Private Groups wanting another shade of grey between Private Social Group content and being burdened with approving numerous request to join the group.  This feature provides a means for Admins to setup some basic rules for whitelisting and ignoring Auto-Approval behavior.  See the in-context documentation for some basic instructions and how to configure.


    Admin > Social Groups > Group Deletion Protection

    This feature came about by the general thought that owners of Social Groups make mistakes, and the impact of them accidentally deleting their Social Group can be quite catastrophic.  To make this feature work, it requires that I override the DeleteGroupAction (which is not an Admin Contained Action).  This is the fhst instance of this plugin "breaching" the Admin wall, so I am on the fence to see who all will actually use this feature until the Idea below makes its way into the product.  See the in-context documentation for some basic instructions and how to configure.

    Mutli-Step + Verbose Deletion Wizards for ALL Containers

    Note:  If you have any Freemarker/Struts customizations for the DeleteGroupAction, it is highly recommended that you NOT install this plugin AT ALL.

    By virtue of installing this plugin, you could potentially overwrite your customization definition for this process, and lead to undesired functionality.


    Admin > Content > Auto-Categorization by Container

    This feature stemmed from the desire to allow the user to leverage both Categories and Tags to find content in a container; however, not being able to enforce parity between the two mechanisms when a user contributes content.   This feature uses a set of container-based configurations that tells the container to look for possible Categories to auto-populate (based on Tags inputted by user), or Tags (based on Categories inputted by the user).  See the in-context documentation for some basic instructions.


    Upgrade / Installation Notes:

    Simply download the plugin for the appropriate SBS version, and install through the Admin Console.

    Due to the potential impact of the DeleteGroupProtection feature, I will leave the main plugin downloads on the Admin Essentials Plugin page the version WITHOUT this feature.

    If you would like to download the plugin WITH this feature, you can do so in the Attachments section (below)


    Known Issues:

    At thtis time, there are no known issue, but I will be releasing informaton/updates as they surface/fixed or what not.


    Resolved Problems: