Themes Overview

Version 4

    Themes are a great way to make changes to the Clearspace user interface when you don't need to add new functionality. With themes, you can customize the application's look and feel with your logo, colors, and typefaces. You can write advanced themes that change what's on Clearspace pages. You can even restyle particular parts of the application, such as to give certain kinds of content or certain spaces their own character.


    How Themes Work


    A theme is a set of user interface files used to


    How to Make Themes


    Clearspace provides three ways for you to add themes.


    Theming ApproachDescriptionWhen to Choose It
    Basic WayThis approach is great because it's simple.Use this when all you want to do is make very basic changes to the colors and logo the application displays. You won't be able to change any text or rearrange parts of the user interface.
    Customizing UI with the Theme Resource KitClearspace provides a downloadable resource kit that includes a few user interface files. You can edit the files, repackage them, then upload them to have Clearspace apply your changes.
    Advanced Themes Topics


    When developing themes, you can             take one of three approaches: basic changes through the UI, minor             changes to code by starting with the resource kit,             and advanced customization.