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    We strategy folks here at Jive are often asked to provide staffing model  estimates for public-facing branded communities (as well as for  employee-facing ones, and for social media engagement). To that end, we'd like to learn more about how our existing customers staff their communities.


    Please edit this document with your information, if you'd like to help your community of community managers!


    Community Type

    (developer | support | innovation |

    partner/channel | loyalty | everything)

    Community Age

    (< 1 yr | > 1 yr | > 2 yrs)

    Total Headcount

    % FTE for

    member growth

    % FTE for educating/recruiting colleagues

    (e.g., time spent recruiting Product Mgmt to start owning innovation area)

    % FTE  for overall logistics

    (handling registration, requests for new places,

    managing user permissions, etc.)



    % FTE for individual cmty facilitation

    (e.g., getting questions answered, content programming, page layout modifications)

    % FTE for measurement/reporting
    Example: everything> 2 years

    2.75 (275% FTE)

    2 full-time, staffed by Marketing

    4 part-time, from various business units

    30% (Marketing)

    30% (Marketing)

    100% (Marketing)

    10% for Feature Discussion area

    25% for Partner area

    15% for Developer area

    25% for Support area

    40% (Marketing)


    ~5,500 users

    > 2 years

    2.5 (250% FTE)


    1 Program Manager, 1 Coordinator in Product Development organization


    .5 technical in IT organization

    undefined20% (Product Development)80% (Product Development)

    30% for Product areas

    20% for Support areas

    30% for groups (for types of users, events, etc.)

    20% (Product Development)