uCern Member Activity Analysis

Version 1

    We recently took Ted's approach on analyzing engagement and activity levels of our members.


    Steps We Took

    • Determined buckets for our members (trial and error method) based on their activity count and classified each of our members per month
      • Super
      • Heavy
      • Moderate
      • Light
      • Minimal
    • Analyzed the trends over the past 3 months to determine if their activity was steadily increasing, decreasing, etc. - 5 hours with this and above step getting the data set up
    • Developed 3 short surveys in Survey Monkey and surveyed members whose activity had increased, those whose activity had decreased, and those whose activity had stayed steady (@ light) - 1 hour
    • Codified the free text responses of the survey (we allowed free text the first time so we could see exactly what kind of categories the answers could be grouped into) - 10 hours to go through all the surveys and determine the categories


    We got a 35% response rate.  Here is a summary of some of our responses:


    Increase in Activity



    Why has your activity in uCern increased?What prevents you from using uCern more?






    Decrease in Activity



    Why has your activity in uCern decreased?






    Steady Activity - Light



    How do you use uCern to accomplish things easier, faster, etc.?What prevents you from using uCern more?





    This was a great way for us to learn more about our members!  Since it wasn't anonymous, there are several users who mentioned they wish uCern did this or that and we are going to be able to follow up with them in the case of it already being existing functionality.  Also, since we have set it up once, to do more surveys/analysis in the future will now take much less time.  Has anyone else tried Ted's method?  If not, how are you measuring why your members are or aren't using your platform?