Product Support EOL

    This document is here to show the EOL dates for Jive Software's product releases, as well as any important compatibility changes (including, but not limited to, OS, Browser, Database). This document will be updated 60-90 days before we make a change in support (scheduled or otherwise).


    Please note that the EOL dates below apply to both the core platform and associated services. While you may continue to use the core platform without support beyond the EOL date (though we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer release prior to any EOL), all associated services will reach their EOL date 90 days after the date listed and you may lose access to these capabilities.


    The future dates posted here are subject to change in accordance with our release cycle.


    If you have any questions or comments, please create a case in your customer group.


    Product End Of LIfe


    ProductRelease DateEOL Date
    Jive 7.0.x


    Jive 6.0.x2012-09-272014-09-27
    Jive 5.0.x2011-06-302014-01-31
    Jive 4.5.x2010-06-082013-04-15
    Jive 4.0.x2009-10-312011-10-31
    Jive 3.0.x2009-03-162011-03-31
    Clearspace 2.5.x2008-08-172010-09-01
    Clearspace 1.x2008-12-27
    Jive Forums2009-10-01



    Compatibility Changes


    End of Support for Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)

    In our Jive 5.0 release, support for IE6 has been discontinued entirely. This means that any feature, theme, module, etc. from Jive 5.0 forward will not be quality tested for IE6 or have IE6 support. All supported releases prior to Jive 5.0 (3.0/4.0/4.5) will continue to support IE6 for the duration of their two-year support lifecycle.


    End of Support for Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

    As of the Spring '13 Cloud Release and Jive 7, we no longer test or support IE7 for Jive. All prior releases will continue to support IE7 through their EOL.