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    About Maven at Jive

    Jive Software offers a Secure repository with credentialed access for partners and licensed customers wishing to do extensive custom development.


    What's In the Repository?

    RepositoryWhat's in thereHow do I get access?
    Secure RepositorySBS Binaries, Sources, Custom development archetypes, toolsCreate a support case in your space in the support portal.


    I don't know much about Maven.  Where do I start???

    First, read the 5-minute tutorial.


    Then, we recommend starting reading the first 60 pages of this PDF book: Better Builds with Maven.  Seriously.  It's a serious tool, and without a serious foundation you're likely to give up in frustration.


    What do I read now for full custom Jive SBS customization?

    1. How-To: Install Maven
    2. Maven: Settings.xml File
    3. How To: Create a Custom Jive Project
    4. Maven: How to Run
    5. Maven: How to Debug
    6. Maven Command Line Cheatsheet
    7. Pulling Source Code from Maven Repository