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    The Jive Education Partner Program allows partners to  become certified Jive Trainers and offer comprehensive education  services to customers at standard Jive prices,   using Jive's curriculum, a demo site running a current version of  Jive,  course materials, instructor guides and automated enrollment in online CBT courses for customers.


    Jive recognizes that most partners want to focus on  delivering services to customers, not creating/maintaining training  courseware. This program gives partners access to the same courseware   and instructor guides that we use ourselves, and even provides partners  with a demo site they can use to train customers on the current version  of Jive.


    Program Details


    The program uses an attractive revenue sharing model that pays  partners $2K/day of instructor-led training delivered, and a 35% share  of any additional online training products sold to the customer.


    Each day of onsite instructor-led training is billed to the  customer at our standard rate of $3K/day.  Partners bill the customer  directly along with any other services they are providing to the  customer, and Jive invoices the partner for $1K/day to cover cost of  materials, demo site, instructor guide, partner training and ongoing  maintenance of these resources.


    To become a certified education partner, please review the education partner contract attached to this document and contact Rick Palmer to schedule your initial certification training.


    What does certification training consist of and how much will it cost?


    Initial  certification training for partners will be offered onsite at our standard rate of  $3K/day minus a 20% partner discount.  All travel expenses will be  covered by the partner.


    Training will consist of our standard one-day onsite user/admin course, with topics listed here and includes enrollment in all of our online CBT courses for users, admins, and developers for up to 10 people: Jive User, Admin, Developer Training Course Agenda


    Partners  who wish to train customers on development customizations may also  purchase an additional day of onsite developer training at the same  standard $3K/day rate minus 20% partner discount.


    How often will re-certification training be offered for upcoming versions of Jive , and what will be the cost?


    Re-certification  will consist of a remote webinar session or an in-person event here at  one of the Jive offices covering new features, updated curriculum,  instructor guides and tools.  These sessions will be offered bi-annually  and/or in conjunction with each major version of Jive, and will be  provided free of charge.


    Is the $3K/day fee charged to the customer per person or per site?


    The  training charge to customers is a flat $3K/day rate for up to 10 people  per site. Larger groups should be accomodated in separate sessions at  the same $3K/day rate, to ensure that all attendees receive adequate  attention from the instructor.


    Does this program only cover onsite training?


    The  basic/typical training offering (and most effective) is the one day  onsite user/admin training, but the program also allows partners to  upsell the customer to any of the online training programs and materials  offered at standard pricing:


    This includes access to Jive's online self-paced CBT courses (e.g. Jive 4.5 Developer Training Course and Jive 4.5 Advanced Developer Training Course) and our training videos for users and administrators.


    Revenue sharing for additional online training programs and materials will be 35% to the partner and 65% to Jive.


    These  are excellent resources for the customer and require zero-touch effort  for the partner.  Jive is responsible for developing and maintaining  these resources, and partners are able to earn a portion of the revenue  in exchange for selling them to customers.


    How will a partner notify Jive of an upcoming training session?


    The partner will send an email to Jive ( with the following information:

    • Customer name
    • Training that was purchased
    • Date the training will be delivered
    • Number of attendees
    • Version of Jive


    Jive  will set up a dedicated sandbox instance with the specified version,  that will be available for a period of 5 days starting 2 days in advance  of the designated training date. This will allow the partner time to  get familiar with the site and configure it with any custom color  schemes or settings necessary for the customer.


    Jive  will also provide the partner with an enrollment key that can be used  by the customer to automatically gain access to the self-paced online  CBT course(s) corresponding to the training they purchased.


    How will payments be handled?


    Jive will invoice the partner after each training session has been delivered, with 30-day net payable terms.