Version 2

    Here is some information about the Watch-A-Tag widget, detailing what it does and how it works.


    Why use it?

    The Watch A Tag widget can be used to search content for a specified tag and return a list of matches. This creates a quick and easy way to keep an eye on tags that are important to you or important to your community as a whole.

    (Below is a screenshot showing the use of the Watch A Tag widget on the Your View page)



    Where to use it:

    The content that the Watch A Tag widget searches through is based upon the location in which the widget is placed. Below are more details of how far the WAT widget searches into content, based upon the location:

    • Root Page (Homepage): Watch A Tag widget will search all content spaces/subspaces/groups/etc for the tag specified in the widgets settings.
    • Your View: If the widget is placed in the Your View tab, it will search all content for the specified tag similar to how placing it in the Root Page would search.
    • Space: If placed in a space, Watch A Tag will only search content within that particular space, not above it or into subspaces.
    • Sub-Space: Works the same way as Space. Will only search content within itself.
    • Group: Placed in a Group, the widget will search content for the specified tag only within the group itself.


    Please reply to this document post if you have any questions regarding the Watch A Tag widget!