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    This is an attempt to describe how businesses use social business software at the micro level. It lists the individual activities a particular business unit might perform. It is a "double click" into the Employee Community Activity Patterns in Large Organizations. Members of this community are invited to improve upon this list!


    And FYI, we even made this list into a The Path to Social Enlightenment [Infographic] that you can print and hang in your cubicle. Neato!



    Business Unit

    User Activities


    • Ask questions in a central area about customer reference information, presentations, products and services that subject experts are tasked to answer
    • Coordinate cross-organizational interaction with large, global accounts
    • Refer business to other sales units
    • Share win stories
    • Download, rate, comment on case studies and other sales aids
    • Request assistance from across the company to answer RFIs/RFPs
    • Find experts to help during a sales cycle
    • Communicate deal status up to executives
    • Communicate executive sales direction down to sales reps
    • Watch and comment on training videos about sales assets, products & services, and organizational development topics
    • Share tips and tricks about overcoming challenges to close sales opportunities
    • Answer and comment on polls posited by Marketing about needed sales aids, efficacy of existing Marketing programs, etc.


    • Discuss what sales aids Sales needs
    • Collaborate across a dispersed team to create assets, deal with social media crises, coordinate social media engagement activities, etc.
    • Communicate the status of larger marketing projects to managers and colleagues
    • Communicate marketing direction from executives
    • Create meeting agendas before and capture action items taken during meetings
    • Share lessons learned across geographies about marketing campaigns, point-of-sale displays, ads, sponsored events, etc.
      Human Resources
      • Communicate and openly discuss health plan offerings and general health and wellness topics (fitness, pregnancy, parenting, etc.)
      • Educate and onboard new employees (employee policies, self-serve documents and registration)
      • Promote employee referral program to rest of organization
      • Coordinate across departments to manage university recruitment/intern program
      • Discuss and promote company culture (HR Executive Blogger) Ask for feedback on same.

      Research & Development

      • Communicate status of latest product development projects to managers and colleagues
      • Discuss and refine ideas with colleagues within and outside of department/geography/business unit
      • Gain insight from content created by customer-facing colleagues
      • Find colleagues with past or present knowledge about a particular topic

      Internal Corporate Communications

      • Executives communicate about various corporate messages with the organization, and converse with employees about them
      • Executives gain insight from conversations employees have about the business
      • Collaborate on corporate messages
      • Maintain an editorial calendar across dispersed teams
      • Poll employees and gain insight about employee engagement

      Information Technology

      • Communicate to colleagues and managers about IT projects, such as software upgrades and planned outages
      • Host peer support groups about particular software products or devices used within the company
      • Answer questions from new hires about IT processes and services
      • Watch and comment on training videos about IT processes and services, and organizational development topics

      Customer Service and Support

      • Find experts across the organization that can help resolve support cases
      • Ask questions and share knowledge as it happens, then turn it into an official knowledgebase entry
      • Watch and comment on training videos about products, processes, and organizational development topics
      Training/Organizational Development
      • Collaborate with training team to create training assets and manage training events
      • Onboard new employees by adding pre-recorded webinars and other resources
      • Provide "refresher" information for existing employees by breaking training into small chunk webinars, linked to from a Jive document
      • Collect suggestions for new training resources by posting polls or discussion topics
      • Get feedback on training resources when people Like or Rate training documents
      • Newbies can ask the veterans questions or follow digital trail of information
      • Training organization can "mine" discussions for training requirements and User Generated Content for possible inclusion in formal training
      • SME Discovery
      • Instructor and student discussions, pre and post formal training events.
      • Deliver virtual, asynchronous training events/conferences
      Product Management
      • See select items from Training above
      • See select items from R&D
      • Create and share product information to support sales efforts
      • Create and share support-specific information for customer service team
      • Use personal documents or private groups to "stage" content for upcoming product launches so that content is ready at launch
      • Use private groups to coordinate specifications, input from product team to drive the development of new products
      • Use Ideas and Polls to gather information and suggestions for future product development
      • Use Ideas to have a naming contest for a new product, thereby driving excitement, interest and personal investment in the product launch
      • Crowd-source tips or update information from entire product team to share as a weekly update for sales meetings, staff news