Version 2

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    Currently, if you have new user moderation enabled on a site and you reject a user, they go into a black hole - the account can't be accessed in the system or unrejected. The only way to deal with the account is to manually edit the database and approve the user. Furthermore, the rejected accounts stay in the database, preventing a user from registering with the same username or email. If you find that you accidentally reject users or need to approve rejected users for any other reason, this plugin should make the process a bit easier.


    Approver Plugin

    The plugin adds two entries to the People tab in the Admin Console: Approve rejected users and Rejected users list.

    Approve Rejected Users

    You can approve one or more rejected users from this page by entering their userID(s), seperated by spaces. You can find the userIDs for rejected users from the Rejected users list.

    Rejected Users List

    This page displays 100 rejected accounts, ordered by creation date (newest first).



    This plugin has only been tested against Jive 4.5 and will likely not work in other versions. This plugin is not supported by Jive Support and has not been tested by the Jive QA team. Please test this plugin before deploying it to production.