Version 8

    The SnsFtlDebugger Plugin assists you in customizing Jive SBS.  It can help you find out which Freemarker Templates were used to render individual Jive SBS pages.  It can also help you locate a template file that you want to edit and describe where the template originated from (theme, plugin, or system file).



    • Helps you determine which templates were loaded for an individual Jive SBS page
    • Helps you find out where template files originated from, so you know which ftl files to edit or override
    • Provides a function for reseting the Clearspace template cache.  There are situations where jive.devMode=true is not enough to ensure that your new template changes are immediately picked up by Clearspace.


    How To Use

    • Download the plugin jar and install it in your development instance of Clearspace via your admin console.  Restart your development instance.
    • Go to jiveUrl/snsftldebugger.jspa to access the tool.  The main page includes instructions on how to view the templates that are used by an individual Clearspace page.



    • Previous versions of this plugin for Clearspace 2.5 required you to visit jiveUrl/ftldebugger.jspa to use the tool
    • As of 10/27/09, the distributed version is compiled against java 1.6