Version 3

    WARNING: This plugin (version works ONLY for core and above (see for previous version).


    Overview of this module

    Jive Software offers an add-on module that enables users to upload videos and view them right in the page. Because videos are treated as a full—content type—like discussions, documents, and blogs—users can rate, comment, and bookmark them. Users can also integrate video from third-party services, such as Vimeo and YouTube.

    This intuitive interface not only makes it easy to play videos, but also see the user name, description, and tags associated with the video. Jive Video enables you to:

    • Upload a wide range of formats that are then converted to a uniform output format

    • Associate video with a space/community/group/project

    • Embed uploaded video into other content

    • Highlight specific videos in a community through the Feature Video action if you are the content administrator

    • Use widget such as Popular Videos, Top Rated Content,  Recent Videos, and Featured Videos to see the videos that matter to your community

    You can learn more about the Jive Video Module here.


    Video Plugin Version Compatibility Matrix


    Installation, setup, management and general use information is all detailed in our online documentation.


    5.24.2011: Updated plugin version to with the following bug fixes.

          JIVE-3756  DB locks acquired from ProfileImageManager#delete should be acquired as late as possible and held as briefly as possible to improve concurrency
          JIVE-4068  When content such as blog is closed to new comments the API still shows POST as allowed method in the comments resource
               VID-16  Thumbnail in Featured Video widget has incorrect source URL
               VID-47  Inserting your video into a Formatted Text widget results in a blank window
               VID-74  Ported web video tab to Video plugin


    08.23.2010:  Updated plugin version to  VID-7 – Fix for deletion of every embedded video older than 1 week.

    07.07.2010:  Updated plugin version to This release has fixes for embedding previously uploaded videos into other content. (CS-23009, CS-23010)