Version 2


    Many of you are probably afflicted with IE6 in your environments this simple HTML widget will display an actionbar at the top of IE6 informing the user to upgrade. This HTML widget is a modification of's help kill internet explorer 6 script.




    To use this widget you must do the following:

    • Download and extract the attached zip file
    • Attach the 4 images to a document within your Jive instance
    • Copy the 4 image location URL's to notepad
    • Open the HTML file in a text editor and modify "IE6UPDATE_OPTIONS" javascript variables as shown in the table below
    • On your homepage, create an HTML widget at the very bottom of the page and hide header and border
    • Paste the modified text into the widget and save
    • Test in IE6 and other browsers, you should only see the actionbar in IE6


    Configuration Variables

    Variable Name
    urlThe URL to send the user to once they click on the actionbar. This can be an internal document, URL, or an external upgrade site
    shield_iconThe path to the uploaded icon.png image
    shield_icon_overThe path to the uploaded icon-over.png image
    close_iconThe path to the uploaded close.png image
    close_icon_overThe path to the uploaded close-over.png image
    messageThe message in which you'd like displayed in the actionbar