Release Notes for Jive 5

Version 33

    New Features in Jive 5


    In addition to many smaller improvements, Jive 5 represents a whole new way of experiencing activity in your community. Jive's patented What Matters technology brings your community's activity to you with an easy-to-scan, filterable Activity stream, in-community notifications and previews that let you see and respond to activity directed at you without leaving your browser. And Jive Genius helps you get smart recommendations based on the content, people, and activity you interact with. You'll also find:


    • Smarter browsing and searching with advanced filtering
    • @mentioning all over the community, even in documents, comments, and discussion posts
    • Quick link creation to documents, discussions, and places using the @mention functionality
    • Many more choices for keeping track of your key activity in the user interface (see Following Versus Tracking: What's the Difference?) and email
    • Lightweight productivity apps available from the Jive Apps Market that let you extend community features and post updates right into the Activity stream
    • New APIs and development tools for Jive Apps development, documented and supported through an active Developer's Community
    • Jive Connects for Office no longer requires a separate installation but can be licensed as part of the core application, allowing synchronized updates to Office documents from your community and Microsoft Office


    For a detailed account of what's new and different in this release, see the following documents in the Jive Customers Group. If you're not a member, we encourage you to request access to this customers-only group to take advantage of the helpful conversations and content you'll find there.


    Detailed list of product changes from 4.5 to 5.0

    Quick reference to end user-facing changes from 4.5 to 5.0

    List of Administration Console changes from 4.5 to 5.0


    Deprecated In This Release

    • Jotlet Plugin - This plugin will not be available in the next major release. If you have feedback about this change, please contact Jive Support.
    • Jive Widget Studio - This optional plugin has been replaced by the Jive Apps Market. If you need to maintain access to a customized widget, please contact Jive Support.
    • OpenClient API - The OpenClient services used in earlier versions are no longer in active development, and will not be supported for the next major release of Jive. If you need to maintain applications you created using these services, you can use the version 4.5 documentation here for reference.
    • Private Messaging - This feature has been replaced by Direct Messaging and is disabled by default for new installations.


    Current Inline Release

    In addition to the fixes described below, this release includes a number of significant improvements to resource usage and other performance improvements.

    Fixed in Jive 5.0.6

    Known Issues in Jive 5.0.6

    Notable Known Issues in Jive 5.0.6



    As of 5.0.4, Change in HTML Widget Behavior with JavaScript

    To fix a recurring problem with widget corruption, Jive now isolates HTML widgets that use JavaScript in their own iframes. If you used JavaScript in HTML widgets in an earlier version, this change can require some rework on upgrade. See Upgrading to Version 5.0.4 If Your Widgets Use JavaScript

    for more information.

    Fixed in Jive 5.0.5

    Known Issues in Jive 5.0.5

    Notable Known Issues in Jive 5.0.5

    Fixed in Jive 5.0.4

    Known Issues in Jive 5.0.4

    Fixed in Jive 5.0.3

    Known Issues in Jive 5.0.3

    Fixed Issues in Jive 5.0.2

    Known Issues in Jive 5.0.2

    Notable Known Issues in Jive 5.0.2

    Fixed Issues in Jive 5.0.1

    Known Issues in Jive 5.0.1

    Notable Known Issues in Jive 5.0.1