Mobile Plugin / Jive Present Version Compatibility Matrix

Version 34

    This document describes the compatibility of the Jive Mobile (Mobile2 module) plugin for each Jive release.


    Mobile Plugin Version Compatibility Matrix


    Compatibility with Jive 8.0.x Release

    Note:  There is no Mobile plugin for Jive 8.x.  The functionality previously delivered by the Mobile plugin has been merged into the core Jive 8 platform.  There is no longer requirement to install the Mobile plugin to get these features.


    Compatibility with Jive 7.0.x Release

    Jive Release
    Compatible Plugin Release
    Jive 7.0.0.x7.0.0.0


    Compatibility with Jive 6.0.x Releases

    Jive 6.0.x ReleasePlugin 6.0.4Plugin 6.0.5Plugin 6.0.6Plugin 6.1.0Plugin 6.1.1
    Jive 6.0.0yesyesyesnono
    Jive 6.0.1noyesyesnono
    Jive 6.0.2nonoyesnono
    Jive 6.0.3nonoyesyesyes
    Jive 6.0.5nononoyesyes


    Compatibility with Jive 5.0.x Releases

    Jive 5.0.x ReleasePlugin 5.0Plugin 5.0.1Plugin 5.0.2
    Plugin 5.0.3Plugin 5.0.4
    Plugin 5.0.5
    Jive 5.0.4nonoyesyesyesyes
    Jive 5.0.3nonoyesyesyesno
    Jive 5.0.2nonoyesyesyesno
    Jive 5.0.1yesyesyesyesyesno
    Jive 5.0.0yesyesnononono


    Compatibility with Jive 4.5.x Releases

    Jive 4.5.x Release
    Plugin 4.5 (a.k.a. 1.0)*
    Plugin 4.5.1
    Plugin 4.5.2
    Plugin 4.5.3
    Jive 4.5.8nononoyes
    Jive 4.5.6yesyesyesyes
    everything prior to 4.5.6nononono

    *Jive Mobile Plugin 4.5 was originally released as version 1.0.


    Jive Present Plugin Version Compatibility Matrix


    Jive Present Plugin Compatibility with Jive 7.0.x Releases

    Jive 7.0.x Release
    Compatible Present Plugin,,





    Jive Present Plugin Compatibility with Jive 6.0.x Releases

    Jive 6.0.x Release
    Present Plugin 6.0.0
    Jive 6.0.0no
    Jive 6.0.1no
    Jive 6.0.2no
    Jive 6.0.3yes