Version 4



    When you use @mention, you can alert people, places, and groups that you’re talking about them and a notification of the activity flows into the Communications stream of the person or people in the group or place. You can use @mentioning in status updates, direct messages, discussions, documents, blogs, and comments on content.


    Note: @mention also works as a link picker in content or status updates. For example, you can add links to content or a group by typing @ and some of the words in the title of the content group or the title. You can use both formats in the same content or status update.


    To use @mention:

    1. In a piece of content, a status update, or comment, type the “@” symbol (or click the “@” icon if it is available) and start typing a person’s name or the title of a group or piece of content you want to bring visibility to. A search dialog opens and suggests possible matches.
    2. Use an underscore “_” as a space to search for names or titles with multiple words. For example @David_B would match the Davids whose last names begin with “B.” Your picker will include documents, discussions, and places, as well as people. Keep typing to narrow the choices further.
    3. Select the correct match from the list. The new link shows up in your content.