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    Section Title:  User Training: What Matters


    Description:    Your three What Matters streams provide you with views to the activity in your entire community, but also give you tools filter out the things that aren't relevant to you. Learn to manage your What Matters Activity, Communications, and Actions streams to maximize your engagement with the content, people, and places that matter to you most.



    Learning Outcomes:


    After completing this section of the course, you will be able to:

    • Get the most out of your What Matters: Activity stream using the All Followed and All Activity tabs
    • Stay current with the the activity that directly concerns you with your What Matters: Communications stream
    • Keep track of tasks, invitations to join groups, content that you need to moderate, and who is following you using your What Matters: Actions stream


    Target Audience:  Jive users, community managers, administrators or developers


    Section Length:  1 hour




    What Matters: Activity

    What Matters: Communications

    What Matters: Actions


    Quickstart Guides:


    Quickstart Guide: What Matters - Activity

    Quickstart Guide: What Matters - Communications

    Quickstart Guide: What Matters - Actions


    Making it Practical:

    After watching the videos and reading through the quickstart guides, please comment on this document or post a status update in the community covering one or more of the following topics:

    • If you could associate easy-to-remember terms for each stream using "See", "Hear" and "Do", which stream would you associate each one with?
    • How will you use what you learned to improve the way you work?
    • What will you remember most from this lesson?

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