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    Section Title:  User Training: Places


    Description:    Spaces, social groups, projects, and your personal content area allow you to interact with people and content about specific topics. Your interactions and the content you create, comment on, or share is visible only to the people in your community who have access to that place.



    Learning Outcomes:


    After completing this section of the course, you will be able to:

    • Describe the difference between a space, a social group, a project, and your own personal area
    • Create a social group and join existing social groups
    • Describe the four different privacy levels for groups


    Target Audience:  Jive users, community managers, administrators or developers


    Section Length:  1 hour




    Creating New Social Groups

    Joining Existing Groups

    Creating a Project


    Quickstart Guides:


    Quickstart Guide: What's the Difference Between a Space, a Social Group, a Project, and Your Personal Content Area?

    Quickstart Guide: Joining Existing Groups

    Quickstart Guide: Creating New Groups

    Quickstart Guide: Creating a Project


    Making it Practical:

    After watching the videos and reading through the quickstart guides, please comment on this document or post a status update in the community covering one or more of the following topics:

    • What are some of the social group features that will enhance collaboration in your community, and why?
    • How will you use what you learned to improve the way you work?
    • What will you remember most from this lesson?

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