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    Section Title:  User Training: Content


    Description:    When you create content in your community, others can comment and collaborate on it to help you develop your ideas, presentations, and goals.



    Learning Outcomes:


    After completing this section of the course, you will be able to:

    • Create documents, discussions, blog posts, tasks and more
    • Edit, comment, and like content
    • Bookmark and tag content so it's easy to find again


    Target Audience:  Jive users, community managers, administrators or developers


    Section Length:  2 hours






    Creating a New Document

    Creating Blog Posts

    Creating & Assigning Tasks

    Tagging Content


    Quickstart Guides:


    Quickstart Guide: Bookmarks

    Quickstart Guide: Discussions


    Quickstart Guide: Creating a New Document

    Quickstart Guide: Uploading a Document


    Quickstart Guide: Creating Blog Posts

    Quickstart Guide: Blog Types and Permissions Chart


    Quickstart Guide: When should you use a Document, Blog Post, or a Discussion?


    Quickstart Guide: Creating Tasks

    Quickstart Guide: Creating Project Checkpoints


    Quickstart Guide: Tagging

    Quickstart Guide: Liking and Rating Content

    Quickstart Guide: Finding Your Stuff


    Making it Practical:

    After watching the videos and reading through the quickstart guides, please comment on this document or post a status update in the community covering one or more of the following topics:

    • Which content type would you use to post a set of instructions or to document a work process, and why? (Document, Discussions, or Blog Post)
    • What are some ways that discussions could be more efficient than email reply-all conversations?
    • How will you use what you learned to improve the way you work?
    • What will you remember most from this lesson?

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