Version 2

    Connecting to People in Your Community


    When you connect with people in your community, you can keep track of what they’re saying in discussions, blogs, and more. The more people you connect with, the bigger your personal network becomes.


    To connect with a person:

    1. Click Browse > People and Sort or Filter the people list for someone you want to connect with – someone whose experience, expertise, or activity is relevant and interesting to you. You can choose to view people in a list or in a card view by selecting an option on the right side of the sort field.
    2. To view more about that person, mouse over their name and their pop-up profile appears. Click the Follow link at the bottom of the pop-up profile. This will add that person to the people you are following.
      • You can also click on the person’s name to go to their full profile. To follow someone from their full profile, click the Follow button in the upper right corner.
    3. To view the people you're following, click Browse > People and click on the Following link in the left menu. In addition to seeing the names of the people you are following, you can click links to view their recent activity, add labels, send them a message, or start a discussion.
    4. To view people who are following you, click on the Followers link in the left menu.