Quickstart Guide: Creating Blog Posts

Version 1

    Creating Blog Posts


    Use blog posts to express ideas or opinions and get community feedback. Blogs are a great way to pitch ideas that could impact the team or organization because people can comment on them. Blogs can be personal, or associated with a space, project, or group.


    To create a blog post:

    1. Click Create > Blog Post. If you've never created a personal blog before, click the create one link in the Write a blog post pop-up window. On the Create a Blog page, fill in the information in the required and optional fields, then click the Create Blog button.
    2. If you've already created a personal blog and want to post something new, click Create > Blog Post, then click the link to your blog in the Write a blog post pop-up box.
    3. To create a blog post in a space, project, or group, click Create > Blog Post, then choose a location where you want to create a blog post, or click the Browse for more places link if you don't see the place you're looking for in the list. Select the space, project, or group where you’d like to write your blog post.
    4. In the Create a New Blog Post window, enter a title for your post, then enter content, attach files, and add tags.
    5. Click the Extended Options link to choose the date and time you want your blog to be published and select a comment style.
    6. Click the Publish button to publish your blog post.
    7. Once your blog is posted, you can manage it using the Actions menu on the right.