Version 3

    Creating Tasks


    Tasks are the small pieces of work that help you achieve a larger goal. You can create tasks for yourself, or assign them to other people. Tasks can be created inside of projects to help guide project members to the project goal, or they can be assigned outside of a project to help you and others stay on track. You decide whether to add a task to a project or not when you create the task.


    To create a task:


    Note: Depending on whether you create your task using the Create menu or the Actions menu in a project, you may see some or all of the options below.


    1. Click Create > Task, or, if you are in a project, click the Create a task link from the Actions menu.
    2. Type a title for your task in the Description field.
    3. If you want to put the task in a project, choose a project from the Project drop-down menu. Your task does not need to be assigned to a project.
    4. By default, the task will be assigned to you. If you’re creating your task in a project, you can assign the task to someone else by clicking the Change link next to your name.
    5. Choose a due date for your task from the Due Date date picker.
    6. Type any notes or instructions for your task in the Notes field. This field is especially useful if you are assigning the task to someone else.
    7. Add tags to your task so it’s easy to find by entering them in the Tags field.
    8. Click the Add Task button. If you assigned the task to a person, they will receive a notification letting them know that a task has been assigned to them. If you put the task in a project, the task will appear on the project timeline. Click the Add and add another button to continue creating tasks. Click the Cancel button to delete an unsaved task or any changes you made to a task since you last saved it.
    9. Click the Tasks tab at the top of the project home page to view all of the tasks in a project. Tasks can also be marked as complete from this tab. If you mark someone else’s tasks as compete, you become the owner of that task.

    10.  The system automatically sends reminder notifications when tasks become overdue.