Quickstart Guide: Changing Your Email Notifications and Preferences

Version 2

    Changing Your Email Notifications and Preferences


    When you are active in your community, you may receive email alerting you to activity on content and places you are following. Editing your preferences allow you to choose what content you receive email notifications about and how you view the content you interact with.


    To view or change your preferences:

    1. Click on your name in the upper right corner.
    2. In the Actions list on your Bio tab, click Edit preferences. Depending on how your community is set up, you may see more than one tab.
    3. On the General Preferences tab, choose the page that will be displayed when you log in.
    4. Next, choose whether to receive email notifications about people, places, and content you interact with or are following by clicking the Yes or No radio buttons. Note: If you plan to use Jive for most of your interactions, you may want to turn all or most of your email notifications off because they will be redundant to the notifications you receive in Jive.
    5. Next, choose how you would like to view discussions and comments on all content from the drop down menus. Threaded means that new comments are posted directly beneath the comment you are posting about. Flat lists the comments in chronological order, with the most recent comment at the bottom.
    6. Options in the Language, Locale, and Time Zone drop down menus are likely preset for your community. Choose a different option from the drop-down menus to change those preferences.
    7. If you assign tags to your content frequently, click the Quick Tagging Mode check box to keep the Add/Update Tags field open by default.
    8. On the Bridge Preferences window, you can manage certain bridge features if you are a member of more than one community. See your System Administrator for more information.
    9. Click the Save button to return to your profile page.


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