Version 1

    What Matters: Activity


    Your What Matters: Activity page shows the full activity stream for your community. You can choose to view all of the activity in your community, or only the activity of the people, places, and content you choose to follow.


    Tips for getting the most out of your Activity page:

    1. The Activity icon in the top menu bar glows to alert you to new activity in your activity stream.
    2. You can choose to view all of the activity in your community, or view only the activity you're following by clicking on the tabs above your activity stream.
    3. Filter content in your activity stream to view only status updates by clicking the Status Updates Only link. Toggle back to all content by clicking on the All Content link.
    4. Sort your followed activity by clicking on the Matters Most, Status Updates Only, or Hidden links. Toggle back to all of your followed activity by clicking on the All Followed link.
    5. Roll over an item in your activity stream and see links to preview, share, hide, comment on, or like a piece of content.
    6. Click on a topic title or click the time stamp underneath a piece of content in your activity stream to go to the entire content thread.
    7. Avatars of people who have commented on content appear to the right of the content title. Click the drop-down arrow to expand the comment thread.
    8. A link to the place where the content is posted is just below the content preview. Click the link to go to that space, group, or project.
    9. The Recommended For You box in the upper right recommends relevant content that you may have missed. Click the Why link in the lower right corner to see why the recommender thought you might be interested in this content. Click the content title to view the content, click the Remove link to remove it from the recommender, or click Not Interested to remove it and tell the recommender that was not a useful recommendation. Click the arrows or the dots underneath the Recommended For You box to view more recommendations.

    10.  Trending Content and Trending People show the most active content and people in your community.