Quickstart Guide: Blog Types and Permissions Chart

Version 1

    Blog Types and Permissions Chart


    A blog can live in a global context and in each of the types of places that can contain a blog, such as spaces, projects, and groups. A blog's context determines how you manage permissions, configure settings, etc. for that blog.


    For example, the following list shows four areas where blogs can be configured or managed.

    • Creating includes how people create a new blog and set which people can post to it.
    • Permissions include permissions to create blogs and post to a blog, but they vary from context to context.
    • Management allows its owner to have access to a management page specific to the blog. There, they can review posts, comments, and trackbacks. They can also configure moderation and feed preferences for the blog.
    • System-wide settings impact all blogs, regardless of context. They include enabling/disabling blogs, comments, and trackbacks.


    The tables below describe how each of the areas is exposed based on the blog's context.