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    We are not planning to launch Jive 5 for probably 6 months or so.  But wanted to summerize some of the key features for our users.  We pulled from a number of documents and posts on this Jive site to produce the following post on our internal collaboration site:





    As you may know, the Buzz platform is based on Jive Software.  We are currently using version Jive 4.5.5.  Jive 5.0 is the next major release.  Here are the key features and functionality we can look forward to once we upgrade.


    1) Jive What Matters

    The activity stream of Buzz will be improved by giving you better features to manage happenings from groups and people you follow:


    • What Matters: Activity Stream: All of the functionality you enjoy on the current Buzz landing page "Community Activity" feature, but with additional tools and information you can leverage right within the stream including: Previewing content in place, one click to expand/contract all related comments (threaded discussion), Avatars of who commented on the content, to peak your interest, Ability to share the content with anyone, as well as indicate you want to track the content as future comments are added. 
    • What Matters: Communications:This feature pulls in all communications that were directed to you or where you commented.  It combines the "mentions" tab in the Community Activity feature from the current Buzz home page, along  with "Notifications" which is currently buried too deep in "Your Stuff".  It also has any discussions that were directed toward you (Jive calls them "direct messages" in Jive 5).  What Matters: Communications is an icon right on the home page with a small number, similar to Facebook, so that you know you have important communications waiting to be read.  This feature will be well received based on feedback we have heard. 


    what matters.JPG

    Icons for What matters (left), Communications (with 2 items ot review) and Actions

    • What Matters: Actions:  This icon on the home page will also have a small number to indicate how many actions you have pending.  This feature is heavily dependent on the Jive App Market (see next section) which is new for 5.0.  For apps you have actions pending (e.g. a task assigned to you, or an approval request from an app) will appear behind the third icon (checkbox above).    


    2) Jive Apps

    Similar to an app for your smartphone, Jive apps are a powerful way for third party providers and our technology team to extend the product.  These small applications with a specific focus will allow us to integrate other products with Jive information. One example we have started to look at is a app that a third party company is building.  This application can allow sales teams that "live" in the SalesForce product to easily push sales leads to home office marketing and product areas that can add value and push information back to SalesForce.  Another real-world example is an HR job post referral application.  To "mash-up" job postings and your expertise from your Buzz profile, a referral application could present to you, as a user, job postings that are more relevant to you based on your expertise.  From there you could link to the referral full featured application and recommend a colleague.


    Sales Force.JPG

    The above screen above shows the pipeline from as a jive app.  The user is about to start a discussion on a new deal to get insight from the marketing, product and operations groups that are in Buzz but don't log into


    Apps can also extend the product by creating custom widgets that are not available out of the box.  They can be be built by a third party supplier or by one of our technology teams here at McGraw-Hill.   If you are a technologist, you should note these apps are built on the OpenSocial standard. 


    3) Recommend People, Groups and Content - This new feature is called Jive Genius.  It looks at what you read and write, who you interact with the most, and where you engage to develop an opinion of what you find interesting.  It then considers your interests and general popularity of an item to recommend what you may want to review.  It even learns from you as you select items to review or select "not interested". 


    4) Matters Most- Only have a few minutes to get caught up?  Jive Genius will also look at the content you follow and based on similar criteria described above will pull only the top items it believes you should review first. It is too early to determine how effective this first generation feature is working, however it certainly is a first step forward in finding the best people, groups and content for your consideration. 


    5) Viable Email Alternative - The social software space is clearly looking to integrate email, instant messaging, web/video conference and collaboration into one seamless set of tools.  Jive 5 is a step in that direction.  Functions such as What Matters, Direct Messages, Sharing, Labels are a big step forward where some users may be able to rely more on the social collaboration tool and reduce their email dependency.

    • Direct Messages - Similar to what you can do today with a discussion between a select few, however it is more streamlined and less clicks to initiate.
    • Manage what you read- Jive 5 has mark as read/mark un-read similar to email so you can keep track of what you reviewed and mark un-read for future follow-ups.  Filters around this function also exist.
    • Labels- Ability to group individuals with a label (e.g. project team) so that you can send them direct messages.  For groups that you will communicate with often you should consider creating a group for those members to collaborate.


    6) @Mentions- You now can "At Mention" any people, group or content across the platform.  As soon as you type the "@" sign and begin to key letters a prefilled list of people, groups and content will begin to display.  This is important as it allows you to let others know you want them to review content you wrote (any mentioned people will be alerted).  You can also quickly reference groups so all of those members will see your content.  Finally, the ability to reference other content will help weave together a fabric of information across the community.



    @ mentioning a person in a discussion is shown above.



    7) Rich Text Editor Improvements - A number of improvements have been made to the editor.  You can finally cut and paste images and avoid all of those clicks of saving to your hard-drive and uploading!  The table feature has been revamped.  Jive is saying they addressed dozens of defects (bugs) that were causing the editor to misbehave at times as well.


    8) Improved Browse of People, Places and content- There is much more information discussion.JPGwhile browsing.  Better sorting and filtering as well.  Quick actions to follow the content, bookmark and share it with other colleagues.####




    Above you can review "cards" for each piece of content.  You can also show them in a list format.  There is sorting, filters and many features to help find what you are looking for via browsing.



    9) Find Content

    In addition to the search engine (The Apache Lucene/Solr products is the engine behind Buzz Search)

    • History - The history button now works across multiple browsers and devices to help you get back to recent content.
    • Bookmarks - you can now bookmark in one click for fast work.
    • Browser participated content - includes an option to only show content you participated in.  So whether you wrote it, edited or commented on will show up here. (feature shown in above screen shot)
    • Browse - type ahead filter - Still have a long list of content to skim through to find what you are looking for?  A textbox exists where you can begin typing and as you type the content filters out.  Key in the title, tags or body content that you remember and the content lists shrinks real time to focus on the content you want. (feature shown in above screen shot)


    10) Announcements - Both System and Group announcements will now also show up in the the communication icon of What Matters.  This helps communicators to ensure everyone sees their message.  It still allows consumers to read or mark read the announcement to have control as to what they spend their time reading.



    The list of Jive 5 features goes on, but this should wet your appetite for what is coming.  We will start to evaluate the work effort and delivery timing for the Buzz platform to move to Jive 5.