Version 3


    Basic Information

    Plugin download available here

    Admin console settings: People > Settings > Twitter Settings


    Q1:  I just installed the Twitter plugin. Why aren't tweets syncing?

    A1:  Twitter often needs an extra full restart before tweets start to sync.


    Q2:  How can I see if the sync task is running?

    A2: Check the jiveSystemJob table:


    select beanID, status, count(*) from jiveSystemJob group by beanID, status;  



    Q3: How can I check how often the sync tasks are running?

    A3:  Check the jivetwittersync table to see all of the users with twitter enabled, when their account was last checked, and when it was last updated:


    select userid, to_timestamp(lastcheck/1000) as "lastcheck", to_timestamp(lastupdate/1000) as "lastupdate" from jivetwittersync;  


    Q4: Every time an individual user tries to enable Twitter, it just refreshes the page and their account is still disabled.  Why?

    A4:  The Twitter App may be set up with the wrong URL.  Try re-setting this up and ensure that you are using the correct jiveurl.


    Q5: The tweets are updating extremely slowly.  It takes a full minute to sync each user and this instance has a lot of users.  Can I make them faster?

    A5:  This is a bug, JIVE-7894.  A workaround is to set the system property "status.twitter.rate" to "3600."


    Q6: Tweets are not syncing in a very active community.

    A6: Twitter limits API calls, so if there are too many calls in a set time period, requests will start to fail. Refer to twitter's documentation for details on their rate limiting: