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    Question for my fellow Jivers...

    If my company is sued, we need to provide all supporting data that is linked to the person, topic and timeframe in question. Currently SBS stores versions of documents but historical changes to other content cannot be retrieved. While SBS is not meant to be a content management system, its use as an internal and external communication vehicle does still have to abide by the data discovery stipulations of my company. Do any other companies struggle with the limited data retention within their SBS solution? Has anyone found an acceptable workaround that satisfies your legal obligations? Thanks for any help you can provide!


    Interesting question. I expect there may be a range of responses. My legal team actually had almost the opposite concern. They wanted to know how we could automatically delete content after a set amount of time (unless someone determined it was still needed). They wanted to avoid having documentation around after legal limitations for retaining it had expired.


    We've just started looking into this based on all the interest that was expressed at JiveWorld. From a services perspective, I think it would be fairly straight-forward to simply pipe all Jive SBS content into an existing eDiscovery or archival tool. I'd be curious to hear what tools customers are using so we can start doing an analysis of the best method to push data in as general a way as possible.


    I know of one Jive customer who has developed an integration w/ EVault to satisfy their discovery requirements. New community content is sent over SMTP from Jive to EVault. Pretty simple.



    I work for an insurance company and I've heard this extact question for TWO YEARS! Along those lines, I have to write a quick paragraph on how we would extract data stored in Jive and/or store it if we decided to no longer use Jive. (Jive is really taking off inside our company) Any suggestions? I was told that all the blogs, discussion, and documents could be stored in XML and archived or searched that way. True? Thanks.


    Hello - I've forwarded this question onto your account manager, Rob Murray, as well to be sure you get your answer quickly.


    Thanks Megan.


    Guys, I would be very interested in hearing any response. I need to be able to remove content after a period of time from Jive in order to remain legally compliant. I am looking to integrate with out current EDRM system, but obviously content may still be in Jive (i.e. when something is of records quality it will be added to the edrm but will remain in Jive for others to search etc). I am trying to figure out how Jive can remain compliant with a lot of the laws that govern my client. 




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