Version 1

    Note that I didn't actually start this on day 1, but have recreated what I remember to this point. I'm not going to continue updating this document here, but thought I'd offer it up as an example of what I'm doing. Still not sure if I'll share verbatim, or edit it, but thought I'd be able to put it to use. I noticed the way I was thinking about Jive5 as I talked to my boss today and he asked my opinion, now that I've had a chance to REALLY work with it.


    Day 1

    Good grief, is this a different experience! And everyone now seems more interested so there is a flurry of activity. Getting emailed left and right, and seeing the same things in the interface. This is really pretty confusing, and yet also very compelling. I can see (feel) myself getting sucked into wanting to live in here. See the activity stream changing right before my eyes and want to read and respond. (Hear conscience saying calmly, "Step away from the stream, Tracy.") And the site is a bit sluggish; hope that isn't shades of things to come.


    Day 2

    Well, it turns out that Jive had an email setting misconfigured for the upgrade. Note to self not to make that mistake for our upgrade! And the reason the site was slow was that the upgrade required all the indexes to be rebuilt. Now I know for sure why we do upgrades on weekends and not during the week. Still personally trying to figure out what to do about balancing email notifications with the Communications and Activity streams. Seems so redundant, and half the time I've already dealt with the emails by the time I see them. Pondering.


    Day 3

    Because I can respond to many things right in the stream and not navigate to the content itself, I'm finding that I can participate in a lot more conversations than I could before. Sometimes just to Like the comment, but even that is great. And I can Show Full Preview (and then hide if it is too much). Or see just the most recent comment versus seeing all the comments. Lots of flexibility! And ooooooh, I see there is a Trending People widget on the Activity page - and I'm in it! I guess that is proof that I'm able to be more active (or maybe an indication that I need to listen to my conscience).


    Day 4

    You know, I just realized that I really don't have to live in here. Because of the read tracking in the Communications stream, and the broken line showing me where I last read in the Activity stream, I can walk away and come back and still know where I left off. Still compelling to stay here and watch the pretty lights and numbers and content changing before my eyes. But really freeing to know that I don't have to. I can work in here when I have time, and leave it alone when I don't. Big sigh!


    And oh my gosh - just found out that if I have an update that I want to target to a specific group or space, all I need to do is @mention the group or space in my update, and it will show up in the Recent Activity for that place and will also get emailed or tracked for the people in that place based on the settings they have selected. How great is that!


    Day 5

    OK, can't handle the duplicate email/comm stream thing any more. And I've finally realized, especially because my Communications stream is read tracked (and the Activity stream shows a broken link from where I last viewed), I know I won't miss anything by not having it emailed to me. It is always in the system showing that I need to read it, until I mark it otherwise. I can start changing my settings to Track in Communications instead of Receive Email Notification, unless it is something critical that I want to see right away. Phew! Cut down on email and yet still stay informed - great concept!