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    NYC Tri-State Area Jive Customers.


    McGraw-Hill will be hosting a meet, greet and showcase your jive site event on Tuesday, September 6th from 1pm to 5pm at our corporate headquarters located at 1221 Avenue of Americas, New York City.   We believe the timing of this event will help develop our local network as well as serve as a jump start for any Jive World 11 attendees.


    This is event is free of charge and refreshments will be provided.


    Please reply if you are interested in attending.  How many would attend.  And if you would be interested in conducting a 30-60 min demo of your Jive platform.




    Andrew Kratz

    The McGraw-Hill Companies

    (609) 426-5624 (w)

    (609) 610-1439 (c)


    cc: arthur.michel, Tim Fitzpatrick, arthurmichel, chris.masino