Version 8

    One of the more popular customization requests we receive is to enable the "file://" protocol in Jive hyperlinks, thereby allowing users to access files directly from the file server on which they are stored. This document will explain how you can set up Jive to support this functionality.


    ** Disclaimer **

    The reason the file protocol is NOT enabled by default is because it poses some well-known security risks. Most major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) do not enable the links at all, though Internet Explorer still does. If you are going to enable the file protocol in your Jive instance, be sure you fully understand the risks involved. This should not be enabled on an externally facing site.


    For network resources that contain the raw UNC path, the double-slash format will be used (file://), such as for:




    For network resources already mapped to a local machine drive, the triple-slash format will be used (file:///), such as for:




    To add this support, you'll need to make the following changes:


    • Add "file://, file:///" to the "Allowed URL Schemes" field in the URL Filter in the Jive Admin Console via Spaces > Settings > Filters and Macros > Filters > URL Filter > Settings.
    • Add "file://, file:///" to the "Allowed src/href Schemes" field on the HTML Filter via Spaces > Settings > Filters and Macros > Post Processing Filters > HTML: HTMLFilter > Settings.


    Internet Explorer Specific Configuration

    The default browser security settings will prevent the link from working.  To reconfigure this, you'll also need to add your Jive environment to the Trusted Sites, or lower your existing security settings (not recommended).  To add your Jive environment to the Trusted Sites, try these steps under "To add a website to a security zone":


         Security zones: adding or removing websites - Windows Help


    Once this is added, refresh the page or restart the browser.