Version 5

    These are the stats for ACS' Jive Mobile site as of this morning.  Note that api_calls refers to the number of calls made back to Jive to request individual pieces of data, and can't be easily correlated to page views.  For example, loading the activity stream (25 items) takes about 26 API calls: 1 to load the list of activity items, and up to 25 more to get the avatars for relevant users.   The session count will be more representantive of user browsing sessions.


    The columns with data from the different columns by mobile OS count up all the individual requests, whether or not they go back to the Jive backend.  There are a number of generic application assets (HTML & CSS files, icons, etc), that are served directly by the Mobile Gateway.  That's why those numbers are higher than the "API requests" count.


    Updated Sept 6 with data through September 5.


    Updated on Oct 17 with data through Oct 17 (Oct 17 data is partial).


    Updated Nov 1


    Updated Dec 1