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    Note:  (from Ryan Rutan - 11/3/11)

    As we move forward trying to draft a protocol for dealing with Spam and Spammers, here is the protocol I suggest we use.  Once we are a bit caught up, i'd like to share this with the community at large, but for now this should work.

    • Reported Accounts are Disabled in the System Admin Console ... not deleted
    • Usage of Report Abuse (1 report limit now in place) to address any content
      • Outstanding scenarios exist where Admin can manually remove content
    • Accounts will be purged from the system in a systematic way during scheduled maintenance
      • Process to be determined

    If the above process(es) do not work, we can adjust them, but wanted to be clear as to what I am doing when I field these reports to try and avoid confusion.




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    Below with noted exception are added. Interceptor mod list changed to Jive IT sysadmin team (from an individual account). When the new Community Manager for JC is up to speed, I'll change this to point his way. - GC