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    Do you really like someone's content? Do you want to make a connection? Do you want to keep up with your co-worker's status updates? Here are two ways you can get information about someone.



    I want to make a connection --OR-- I want easy access to someone's recent content --OR-- I want to get a newsfeed of recent content and status updates of my colleagues and work friends.


    Following people allows you to build a list of connections that you can easily access from your DLife dashboard.


    Quick tips:

    • You don't necessarily have to follow someone if they follow you first. But you can if you want!
    • Access your connections by clicking the "Connections" tab. Here, you can see the people you follow and the people that are following you.
    • Do you want to reach all of your connections at once, but they aren't all part of the same group? Email those contacts directly by sending a message from DLife "Connections".
    • "Following" someone is the same as making a connection.



    I want to get email updates about all content that someone posts on DLife --OR-- I want to view someone's recent content easily without making a connection through following them.


    By subscribing to someone, you are requesting to recieve email notifications every time s/he posts in DLife.


    Quick tips:

    • You can subscribe to someone's content without following them.
    • To unsubscribe, go to the person's page and click "Stop receiving email notifications".