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    Write a New Document


    I have not already created the document --AND-- I want to create a simple Word-like document


    Using DLife to create a document can help you because:

    • You can track changes using "Manage Versions"
    • You can export it to a PDF
    • All edits are done in the same place. No more emailing a different version back and forth.


    Quick tips:

    • Don't like the most recent version of a document? Want to start from square one? Restore the version you would like to continue working from using "Manage Versions", "Restore this Version".
    • Want to see the changes someone else has made to your document? Click the magnifying glass next to the version number to compare different versions side-by-side.
    • DLife does not keep formatting changes from Microsoft Word, if you were to copy and paste text from the Word processor to DLife.


    Upload a Document from Your Computer

    I have already created the document --OR-- I want to upload a file that is NOT a World document.


    Uploading your document to DLife can help you:

    • View the different versions of an uploaded file
    • Always have the most current document saved in one place. This also cuts down on the email trail.


    Quick tips:

    • You cannot track or merge changes to an uploaded document.
    • You can continuously change the description field. use it to note the changes to your document.
    • Any type of document can be uploaded except the following: .zip, .bin, .dms, .lha, .lzh, .exe, .class, .so, .dll, .html, .htm



    Both document widgets allow you to configure your own collaboration options. Choose who can edit the document, if changes must be approved, and if comments are allowed.