SBS Widget Pack - Feature Roadmap

Version 2

    Feature Roadmap

    If interested, please suggest features and suggestions, but please note that this is a less than 5% of my time effort, so please be patient.



    • Allows Admin to specify Featured Groups, Spaces, Projects
      • Nice UX to search and find containers ... order places into groupings to be displayed by the Widget
      • If the viewer doesn't have permissions to see the Place, it will be hidden.
      • Options to display Description, Follow/Join links, and Place Image also available.


    • Allow Admin to specify a specific User to highlight on a dashboard.
      • Show Follow Button
    • Add a message to the user (or to be displayed below the user's information).


    • Simple widget that let's Container Admins select a Category and display recent content from that Category
    • Similar to the Watch-a-Tag Layout/Concept....except Category Based


    • A simple Widget to try and capture the standard "Search before you create" function in a given container, or containers
    • Possibly this would work for Ideas as well as Discussions.


    • Kind of all over the page on this are some ideas I've collected from various conversations
      • Tabbed Static Content (not very valuable given the existance of an HTML Widget...marginally easier perhaps)
      • Tabbed RSS Feed Content (each tab represents an RSS Feed..configuration would be a simple...put in your RSS Feed URLs..max of 5)
      • Tabbed Document Widget (content comes from documents already in the system)

    ViewUncategorizedWidget / ViewUntaggedWidget

    • A way for container admins to know when a piece of content is not tagged or categorized
      • Possible DB Query DAO Implementation with Custom Cache
      • Possible Listener to populate cache on Create/Edit
        • How to initialize, DB Query first for all containers?  seems aggressive and malperformant.
      • Goal:  Report/view for Admins to know about such that they can tag/categorize the content.
        • Perhaps this a report that is emailed or an action that is run by the Container Admins and stored in the Session?