Creating Rolling Reports - SAP BO OnDemand

Version 1

    I wanted to share a technique that seems to be working for me.  Happy to hear your comments or easier ways to meet the same needs.


    The business problem I was trying to solve was to display a rolling 60 day graphic on activity so that the report can be self-sufficient and not require manual updates.  You can see the final results in the graph below in fig 2 with the Red #3.


    *** Steps ***

    A) The way to accomplish this was first create a variable that leverages the =Rank() function and insert the date field inside the () to rank the rows in the dataset 1...n.  (see below image - fig 1. RED 1 )

    Rank date.PNG

    fig 1.



    B) Next, go to the graph you created and right click on it and select the filter menu option. A pop-up box is displayed below.

    C) Select your newly created variable and move it to the right hand side of the pop-up box (below fig2 - RED #1)

    D) Edit the filter and the lower pop-up box will appear as shown (below fig 2 - RED #2)

    E) I used the Between operator and selected 2-61.  This solves two problems for me.  First, our ETL to load Business Objects runs at 4am US- East Coast. So each day when we produce reports we always have 4 hours of Europe/Asia traffic that is a bit half-baked.  It looks odd on the reports to have such low counts.  So by starting with number 2 it ignores today's data.  The 61 will then get the previous 60 days of business activity.

    F) Below, RED #3 shows the recalculates showing a rolling 60 days.

    rolling 60 days.jpg

    fig 2.


    Hope this was helpful... I know there are more advanced things you can do outside of Business Objects, but at this point we are trying to leverage the tool and get the most out of it.  Do share your tips and tricks you learn as well....I know I am very interested!!