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    SBS and Clearspace are powerful tools for enterprises, but taking advantage of it to its fullest extent requires a little bit of creativity and a lot of help. Don't worry if you find yourself frustrated or out of answers -- there's always someone out there asking the same questions! Each section is separated by the type of tasks a specific user would want to know about, i.e. a developer looking to debug the application or a power user trying to understand how popularity works.


    The ability for users to create public cases has allowed users to ask about either Clearspace or SB and have their findings available to the public (keep on making those cases public...Support thanks you for it). This document holds some of the more esoteric concepts and techniques.



    Clearspace and SBS Administrators

    How do I delete a user? (NOT Supported!)
    Create a default "Your View" for all users
    How do I disable (blogs / documents / discussions / groups / projects)?
    Importing Tasks
    Re-installing default widgets
    Open / Close Clearspace to the Public
    Can I set Abuse settings on a per-community basis?


    Server Administrators

    Extending your login time
    Configuring LDAP with Clearspace


    Unlocking your Admin Account

    SBS Power Users

    Offline Blogging: An Example with Windows Live Writer
    When do I use a space versus a social group or project?
    How Popularity Works
    Why can't I use Animated GIFs for my Avatar?



    Debugging Clearspace in Eclipse with Tomcat
    Clearspace Application Architecture


    Enabling the file:// protocol
    Customizing profiles (Skype example)
    How are passwords stored in the database?
    Custom Authentication Example
    Implementing Signatures in Discussion Messages


    Hiding the 'All Content' tab and other UI customizations
    Preventing Users from Editing Subject After Thread is Created
    Removing 'Secret Group' Option on Group Creation
    Disable Anonymous User Browsing of Certain Pages (i.e. People page)
    Display Community Descriptions