Release Notes for Jive 4.5

Version 2

    New Features in Jive 4.5

    The following features have been introduced in Jive 4.5.


    Improved Performance with New Caching

    New caching, which replaces Coherence with a new caching system to improve performance and fault tolerance.


    Microblogging Enriched for the Enterprise

    Microblogging enables you to easily send brief messages with updates, insights, and pointers to people, places or content.

    • Richer personal updates can include photos or link directly to documents, people and places in your Jive SBS community.
    • Global search and sharing, using # to tag an update or using mentions of a person or content with the @ symbol to target messages to individuals to show up in their new Mentions view.
    • Quickly switch between all activities and microblogging only views for Friends/Connections, Colleagues, or Everyone in the updated Activity Widgets.
    • Like and comment on updates to close the loop and promote good updates.
    • Discover people and trends via popular updates.
    • Re-post -- (like retweet) re-post someone else's update as your own, making it easy to share information across your network with minimal effort.
    • In the Community Activity widget, you can filter your view by your connections, colleagues, or only updates mentioning you. You can also hide all updates, show only status updates or show status and activity updates.


    Jive Instant Messaging (New Module)

    Jive Instant Messaging integrates with enterprise instant messaging services to extend your investment in OCS, Sametime, or Openfire.

    • See who in the community is available on IM from the mini-profile hover, full profile, or chat bar.
    • View custom IM status messages set  in the user's IM client.
    • Click to start a chat in the desktop IM client from SBS.
    • New chat bar shows Online Connections and people on the current page who are online


    Open Social and Jive Widget Studio

    Extend the capabilities of SBS using open standards.

    • Build your own gadgets or use gadgets from Google, LinkedIn or any other OpenSocial gadget provider.
    • Gadgets are lightweight apps that can extend the capabilities of SBS: view into other systems or incorporate external data.


    Twitter Plugin (Optional Plugin)

    The Twitter plugin enables posting of personal updates from outside of the community using either a Twitter account or Twitter iPhone application.

    • Users can link to their Twitter account to pull all updates or only those updates that include the community's own custom #tag.
    • Securely read and post from popular Twitter clients like the Twitter iphone application and support the Twitter API and a customizable root URL.


    New in Version 4.5.6

    • You can now access Jive on the go using Jive Mobile, the new browser-based, cross-platform solution. Jive Mobile offers support for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone as well as mobile web browsers, and provides a focused, easy-to-use, customizable interface.
    • This release also includes a large number of fixes that measurably enhance performance and stability.


    New in Version 4.5.5

    • The Formatted Text widget now accepts image uploads as well as text in all locations except personal home pages. This capability is on by default. To disable it, set the formattedtext.images.enabled system property to false in the Admin Console.
    • Numerous improvements to the Rich Text Editor have been added to help resolve customer issues, including:
      • A new selection management component ensures consistent cursor and selection behavior across browsers, making text formatting much more predictable. When your cursor is between two styled regions (say, the middle of bolditalic), the left style will be applied to new text. This behavior previously depended on your browser selection.
      • Text pasting behavior is now much more consistent across browsers and text sources.
      • List handling has been enhanced by removing browser dependencies.
      • Tables and links are working much more smoothly.
    • Communities where some users have rights to sub-spaces, but not to the parent space, will experience more intuitive navigation. When a user does not have rights to the parent space, the parent space will be displayed as plain text in breadcrumbs while remaining inaccessible.


    Current Inline Release

    Fixed Issues in Jive 4.5.8

    Known Issues in Jive 4.5.8



    You can review the following list to see all resolved problems and known issues in previous 4.5 releases.