Beta for new Community Manager Reports Plugin

Version 1

    Folks who attended JiveWorld recently will remember the discussion of a new plugin being developed to provide some basic user, content and people reports for community managers.  (Those who attended my session got somewhat more .)   If you are not familiar with this initiative, here is a summary:



         Reports to help community managers track and improve their communities

    People, activity/engagement, and content

    Trending and ‘top ten’ style reports

    Export data for further analysis

    Available to community and Space/Group owners

    Integrated with core product, not Admin

    Simple, easy to use and understand interface

    Add on to 4.5 or 5.0 installations


    We are approaching a point in the development cycle when it would be great to have some beta users.   At this point we are looking for communities that are hosted by Jive and running Jive 5.  (At GA we will support 4.5 and 5.0 and the plugin will be available to both hosted and on-premise customers.)   If you are interested, our hosting team will clone your system to UAT and we will work with you to try out the new plugin in that environment.   We are targeting the first week of November for the beta.  Please let me know if you are hosted and on Jive 5 and would like to participate in this beta.