Version 6

    The Problem:

    Are you seeing that videos are being uploaded upside down? This could be due to the fact that it was rotated before upload.

    Videos taken on phones and handheld cameras often automatically rotate videos to show right side up even if they were take at some other rotation. Even if you see them displayed right side up on your computer, they can still come out rotated when they are uploaded to Jive.


    The Cause:

    If you upload a video that was taken at a 180 degree rotation, they will not upload right side up. At this time, our video service provider cannot support sideways-oriented videos and in some circumstances these will be displayed upside down. Please note that this does not apply to 90 or 270 degree rotated videos. Those should be displayed without issue.


    The Solution:

    Permanently rotate the video using video editing software so that it is right side up before uploading it to Jive.