Version 19



    To fix a critical bug in your version, the Jive Support team may provide you with a fixpack jar file to fix the bug.  Follow the steps below to deploy the fixpack.


    Please note, these steps are specific to Jive Custom instances that are hosted on-premise. Jive Support will manage and deploy any fixpacks provided to customers that are hosted by Jive.





    • Verified for version: Jive Custom




    1. Upload the a-fixpack-for-JIVE-XXXX-vXXX.jar to the /tmp/ directory for each web node, via:

    scp a-fixpack-for-JIVE-XXXX-vXXX.jar <your_username>@<web_node_url>:/tmp/.

    2. Log into each node and access the Jive user via:

    sudo su - jive

    Due to a change as of Jive 8, step 3 is different for Jive 7 and older

    3a. For Jive 7 and older

    cp /tmp/a-fixpack-for-JIVE-XXXX-vXXX.jar /usr/local/jive/applications/<instance_name>/application/WEB-INF/lib/.

    3b. For Jive 8 and newer

    cd ~/applications/<instance_name>/application/WEB-INF/classes

    ~/java/bin/jar xvf /tmp/a-fixpack-for-JIVE-XXXX-vXXX.jar


    4. Perform a full restart.