Version 2


    As a result of JIVE-10110 by default, if I make an update to a space, group etc. where someone is watching AND has their out of office auto-reply set, I will get that out of office reply as if I emailed the user directly. If 50 have OOO auto-reply, I get 50 emails. If the CEO has 50 people watching that also have their auto-reply turned on, the CEO gets 50 OOO replies.


    Issue Details

    • Jira Issues:
      • JIVE-10110
      • Regression caused by CS-24884 fix.
    • Affected versions:
    • Fix Versions:    


    Identifying the Problem


    1. If the customer is on AND system admin email is set.


    1. The application is sending out email notifications with the "From:" field containing the user who made an update to a container.
    2. This can be any container in the application that can be "watched" including personal containers.